Prayers For The Planet

Prayers for the planet because

the planet is diminished by every extinction and act of environmental destruction.

The effects of Material greed of the people is overwhelming the

environmental balance of the planet. We believe a returned to the

spiritual through, prayer can restore the balance. It is through the

prayers of a lot of people that we are going to restore the sensibility of

the people and save the planet. Recognizing that sacred sites are

universal places of prayer, that were and are, still open to the four

directions, and are the perfect place to begin to pray for the planet; in

order for us to have a better future, to have a healthy environment,
to think about the future generations and to unite

with all the beings for a better present.


Gathering  at sacred sites of great natural power and spiritual significance for a time of prayer.
First Site chosen for the project is Chaco Canyon.

Bring awerness and a spiritual perspective to the desecration of the environment of our planet.
Discourage fracking and othe desicrations of sacred sites.
Bring awareness that Chaco is an active site of Native American spirituality ceremony.


Chaco Canyon.
            Date: Due to recent pandemic the date June 20th 2020 (summer solstice) cannot be kept. We will reschedule as circumstances allow. Thank you.

Protocols for Chaco

  • No non-prescription drugs

  • No Weapons
  • No plant sacrements except by members of recognized religious exemption holders.
  • All materials taken in must be taken out. Be prepared to pack out all trash and properly dispose of human waste.
    Portable toilets be be purchased from local vendor or bring your own.

  • No object removed from site.

  • Fires must be fully contained including ceremonial fires.

Contact: Patricio 505 349 1851

Prayers for the Planet is a project of an adhoc council of Native and Non Native Elders concerned with the health of the planet.

Gathering Schedule

    proposed schedule that cannot be kept due to pandemic new schedule will be posted when available.
    Day one June 19th
Set up camps 
    Day two June 20th
5:45am Sunrise Ceremonys
    Day three June 21st
        Cleanup and packup