Institute of Natural and Traditional
Nurturing Ancient Knowledge for the Future
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Greetings in the name of the Ancient Traditions.

We are reaching out to all the Natural people of the Americas, responding to a Vision of People prepared by knowledge and wisdom to survive and prosper.
Our Ancestral Heritage is rooted in the respect for all Manifestations of Creation.
We also share the Spiritual knowledge that we are a Global Community. Therefore we feel that the time is now here for all to come together: to learn respect and to live in PEACE and in Balance with our Mother Earth and all our Relations.

Bearing this in mind and heart, we are fostering groups that are sharing knowledge for the emerging Age.

The goal of our organization is to provide the fiscal agency for groups and individuals that want to share the Natural and Traditional Ways of building cooperation, friendships and trust. We want above all to build a Peaceful Future of coexistence with the Earth and all beings.


A branch of INTK is the Center for Natural and Traditional Knowledge  the CNTK's mission is to develop and distribute a template for sustainable co-existence and environmental education. INTK received an international mandate from Leaders across North, Central and South America, to transition our economies back to localized community production.

CNTK has a three-pronged approach to sustainable practice: Victory Gardens for the home, Children's Gardens for schools, and CSA Gardens for Villages and Communities. Available also are courses in sustainable practices, such as retrofitting buildings for efficiency, forest gardening and maple sugaring, construction of natural buildings with local materials, and basic earth-honoring teachings from around the world. Home school and after school programs are available.



Through our Agricultural branch known as Four Bridges Traveling Permaculture Institute  we are addressing the needs of indigenous communities around the globe.
In essence our "Four Bridges" reach out in all directions to establish a network of people to address global issues in all of our communities. We are accomplishing this by first addressing the poverty, and lack of healthy sustainable living practices in these communities.

The South American Bridge Project formalized work already being shared in Cusco, Peru, and Cochabamba, Bolivia, assisting the Quechua and Aymara communities to survive and thrive in their remote Andesí locations.  Existing organizations we work with include Ayllus Ecologicos, and the Womenís Coordinadora of the High Valley of Cochabamba.

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